In an industry that often has an undeserved rep for being all DGAF stares, Brittnee Blair is bottled sunshine. She radiates good vibes with more than a stunning face. In photo shoots, she dances playfully, befriending the camera with a genuine smile powered by something deep within her core. As Blair proceeds to demonstrate how sexy being a woman who knows herself is when she’s modeling, she’ll usually get down to the music, which makes everyone around her get in on it too. If you’ve seen her, this will not come as news, and her Instagram should tell you something about her goofball ways. Her involvement is total, and she radiates warmth.

Some people are onto her because of Big Brother Canada, and as a model for Jag, she’s an unstoppable force of good. A search through Tumblr finds her picture tagged with a lot of “Yas Queens” and “embrace yourself” mantras. It’s because she’s one of the more infectiously energetic women this side of modeling, and she has a self-love message to deliver at a time when fashion’s still getting around to exploring different body types. We recently rung her up to talk about how it felt to feel different than the other girls growing up, casting highs and lows and how she wants women to be able to shop.