3 Things I Learned About My ENDY.

3 Things I Learned About My ENDY.

 3 Things I Learned About My Endy Mattress

I know what you’re thinking... my bed is already amazing. I thought the exact same thing about my old bed, but then I started hearing a lot of talk about this awesome bed that gets delivered to your front door in a box. Now I’m gonna be honest, I wasn’t sure if all the talk was too good to be true. I mean we’re all used to the painful and long process of finding a new bed. First you gotta go to the store, lay on every bed, contemplate either on your own or with your “partner in crime” about whether it works for both of you, is it too firm or too soft. Then you finally decide on a bed and have to through figuring out how to get it home and squeeze it through the doorway, or pay the inflated delivery fee for someone else to puzzle it through your home and set it up for you. It’s Not Easy.. It’s NEVER been easy... Until Now.

1. It’s incredibly easy to set up:

First things first, Endy has completely eleviated the headache that use to come with buying a new bed. Not only did they deliver my bed entirely free, but it came in a perfectly packed box equipped with the easiest of instructions and all the tools needed to set my bed up.

I glided the handy provided tool cutter across my sealed bed, and within seconds my Endy was full to size and ready flop down and sleep on. I have never had such a painless and easy bed experience in my life.

2. It’s easy to travel with:

After just a few months of getting acquainted with my new mattress... having some of the best sleeps, naps, rests (usually transitioning to naps) that I’ve ever experienced, I ended up moving across the country.

Initially I was so worried about how hard it would be to move everything. If you’ve ever moved you know it’s a hectic time, from packing boxes to changing your address, and even weeding through the “keep” and “donate” piles. I’ll never understand how we ended up with so much random memorabilia... and pens.. so many pens in every drawer!

To top it off we had to bring our car with us across the country. This meant packing the car to the brim, and loading ourselves and our mini wiener dog Stephen, and travelling over 3000km to our new home. Let’s just say we had a lot going on, and the last thing we wanted to worry about was being without our brand new mattress once we got there.

Once again, our Endy proved why it is the best. It’s lightweight composition and pliable material allowed us to easily load it into our U-Haul BOX and still have room for a ton of other household items that we could have ever fit in there with a regular old bed.

3. A supportive mattress is everything:

Once you’re introduced to a supportive bed, there’s really no going back. I’m so serious about this! Not only did I notice a total difference in bed support and sleep as I travelled across the country, but every time I travel for work or sleep in another bed,I’m instantly missing my Endy bed.

There is no shame in my game. I have officially fallen for my bed. The foam and technology that goes into the Endy was masterfully created, they’ve figured out the perfect support, yet softness. They’ve also created the material to be super breathable, which if you’re a hot sleeper you understand why this is so important. You're completely cool, and comfortable for the entire night.

An added bonus to this bed? The fact that you cannot feel anyone else rolling around in it. Now I love my partner, but he flops like a fish the whole night. I used to wake up all through the night to the bed shaking or feeling him move around, but NOT anymore. Now I’m not saying my ENDY is magic... but it might be magic. I sleep solid and complete through the entire night. We both wake up every morning saying, “that was best sleep I’ve ever had.”  

Okay, so I not only love my Endy mattress, but the company it comes from. The people at Endy have not only thought of the consumer when it comes to design, but they’ve also thought of us in every other aspect. The fact that they deliver free Canada-wide, or that they give you a 100-night sleep trail totest out the mattress, and if you don’t like? No problem. You get your money back and that mattress you didn’t want? Well that either gets donated to a family or person in need.


If you’d like to get your own Dream Boat aka Endy mattress, you can use my code “BLAIR50” to get $50 off your purchase.

When In Vain.

When In Vain.

The other day I encountered a person who was going through their phone "clearing" up photos and finding the "perfect photo" to post . They had over 30,000 pictures 6,500 of which were selfies and the other 23,500 were of various poses with random social media worthy qualities and objects. It then dawned on me: When did vanity become cool?

We're living in a world where there are more selfies then selfless acts. More looks in the mirror then self reflection. More things being done for likes then simply doing things because we like them. 

I'm a firm believer that we need to get back to the basics. We need more depth in conversations and less shallow consciousness as we scroll through our phones. We need to be more present when we are with our friends, our family, new people and potential treasures. 

So much of life is missed as we're constantly living... No no .. existing to outdo society, constantly focusing on materialistic items and new trends. Lets take a step back. One little baby step at a time. Whether that means for an extra hour out of your day you decide to put your phone down. Maybe a baby step is to simply refrain from checking your Instagram for longer then 10 minutes. Whatever it is, I challenge you.

 I challenge you to be present, to be passionate, to live life to it's fullest and not because you saw someone else do it, or even because I'm telling you to.. But because you want to. Because at the end of the day you long for something so much more than the obsession and the validation of that perfect filter, or the #besttweet. Somethings deeper than the 10 empty right swipes, or 30 double taps. Do it because you crave a connection, something so pure that no others opinion on it could effect how happy it makes you. You deserve it.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I think new beginnings are truly such a defining moment in ones life. The moment where you are forced to work through letting go all of your old insecurities, habits and heal old wounds. It's also a clean slate. It's a breathe of fresh air, and the first step towards a brand new you. It is an opportunity to take on the world with a fresh pair of eyes and an open heart. It is a time in which you are able to say yes to new life lessons, make note of the last life lesson, and become apart of teaching others theirs.

I'm truly grateful for every new beginning and new chapter, for I feel that each new chapter is a new piece of me. It's a new number to the formula, another photo to the album, a new page in a journal of life in which I will always hold close to my heart, forever in my mind, solid in my soul.

These are the moments that define us. These are the crossroads in life in which we have never been more powerful in what hand we choose to deal ourselves, which path we choose to walk or run. So the next time you reach a new chapter, I say this to you:

Choose wisely, choose whole, choose true.


I'm A Grown Woman.

It all starts with a watch.

I know what you're thinking..."Why do I need a watch when I have my phone?" And what does it have to do with being grown?

Well let me tell you, from a personal experience two days ago...you need a watch! Not only is a watch timeless (pun intended), but lets be real... phones aren't exactly all that reliable. As luck would have it, the new high tech phone I purchased less than 3 weeks ago just so happened to fall out of my bag, onto my friends driveway, and get run over by a two-ton truck. I know this sounds crazy, and we always hear the stories of peoples phones being run over...but it finally happened to me! Now usually I would be lost in translation, no idea what time it is wandering this cold world aimlessly (cue the violin)... but luckily I had, my newly acquired ever so chic, grown up watch. I swear it was as though I needed something that crazy to happen so that I could understand how important it was to have one. There is something to say about owning your very own elegant accessory just as every lady you have ever watched growing up has had. Welcome to the big girls club.

Watch in photo : Classy Sheffield Rose Gold Watch

Check out danielwellington.com and be sure to get yourself 15% off with the code: MISSCURVYB expires Dec.31,2015.

Keep It #Classy 

Keep It #Classy 

Bling Bling 

Bling Bling 

Back in the Groove

Back in the Groove

After an amazing journey in the Big Brother Canada house and an amazing summer travelling, I'm finally back to the Big Apple. After a 5 hour journey, I'm just about to land in the crazy concrete jungle and I can't help but feel excited. You know...that butterflies flying around in your stomach, full of excitement and wonder kind of feeling. It seems that every time I'm about to land in this city, this feeling always overcomes me. A constant reminder of possibility and opportunity. The humbling recollection of all the unbelievable experiences and moments New York has given. I pay my homage to NY for taking me from a young girl to a woman. I'm ready for more. More moments, more experiences, more fashion, more love, more laughter, more growth, more strength. I'm Back NYC!

Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada

How could I possibly explain all that I experienced in the BBCAN house? It feels close to impossible! I suppose best way I can summarize it is to tell you that, it was one of the best experiences of my life. It taught me what was truly important, what I valued in life and that no matter what situation I'm in I will always remain true to myself. The house taught me that life is not measured by materialistic items, the best looks, or being the "most popular". It taught me life should be measured in moments, in love, by the amount of smiles you bring to other faces, or smiles brought to yours. It's about family, friendships, laughter and even those tough moments. Those moments where you are brought to your lowest point and you feel as though you have nothing left to give...but you dig a little deeper and find out that you have so much more to give. The people in the house taught me to value the beauty in simplicity and time spent digging deeper, letting down walls and sharing experiences. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to get in touch with myself, to learn about myself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. You can't put a price on what I gained in that house, for I am rich in new friendships, love, life experience and growth.