Age: 24

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Canada
Ethnicity: Jamaican, French Canadian
Measurements: 36-31-47
Height: 5'9''

I was discovered: After my mom submitted my photos to a local modeling agency in our hometown, without me knowing. Needless to say I was shocked when I received a phone call from the agency. I’m so grateful she did it and it has been a phenomenal experience ever since. Thanks mom! 

I'm currently working on: Establishing myself in the United States both with clients and personally. I'm a born and bred Canadian woman who recently moved to NYC November of last year. I'm still meeting so many new people, clients, and friends. I'm enjoying the fashion and arts within New York, and discovering more about what I'm passionate about artistically. 

My best feature is: My eyes! I always smile with my eyes, and truly do believe the eyes are the window to a persons soul.