I think new beginnings are truly such a defining moment in ones life. The moment where you are forced to work through letting go all of your old insecurities, habits and heal old wounds. It's also a clean slate. It's a breathe of fresh air, and the first step towards a brand new you. It is an opportunity to take on the world with a fresh pair of eyes and an open heart. It is a time in which you are able to say yes to new life lessons, make note of the last life lesson, and become apart of teaching others theirs.

I'm truly grateful for every new beginning and new chapter, for I feel that each new chapter is a new piece of me. It's a new number to the formula, another photo to the album, a new page in a journal of life in which I will always hold close to my heart, forever in my mind, solid in my soul.

These are the moments that define us. These are the crossroads in life in which we have never been more powerful in what hand we choose to deal ourselves, which path we choose to walk or run. So the next time you reach a new chapter, I say this to you:

Choose wisely, choose whole, choose true.